Voice Training for Modern Singers
Today's modern singers deserve more than 300 year old exercises
and a teacher who sings Jazz or Cabaret. They need fresh, new
approaches and someone who understands the demands of Rock,
Pop and Metal...that's what you get here. No bull -just results.

The "Weekend Intensive"

The "Weekend Intensive" is designed to really help experienced singers zone in and focus on specific areas of the voice. Taught over one or two weekends, this program is geared to teach you how to connect or "blend" your chest & head registers together to create the illusion they are one connected voice.

The standard format is to take a 3-4 hour lesson per day for two days. The benefit of 100% supervised practice allows singers who train this way to improve rapidly with solid advancement in their vocal technique in a very short amount of time. Singers routinely fly in from around the world to train here like this. They've come from Germany, France, England, The Netherlands, Japan, Austria, Central America, South America, Australia, Maryland, Alaska, Michigan, Idaho, Tennessee...to name a few.

Who, What, Where and How:

Students travel to beautiful New York City where they train in 1 on 1 private vocal sessions with Kevin Richards in a facility with a live PA system. This is real world training.

Here's what you'll learn during your weekend intensive vocal sessions:

  1. Proper warm ups for the voice - morning & pre-performance
  2. How to get into your singing voice via the "resonant track"
  3. Connecting and blending your registers to create one seamless voice
  4. Developing power and projection without tension
  5. Extreme high pitch exercises
  6. Proper microphone technique and stage presence

Your intensive singing lessons can be arranged to accommodate some morning or afternoon sight seeing while you're here. I will also suggest some local area hotels so you're never far from your lessons or from popular tourist attractions. Getting around NYC is easy and affordable with our mass transit system and/or taxi service.

There's no time like now to improve your voice!

"Rock, Pop, whatever - Kevin teaches it all. I'm a 14yr old Broadway singer and Kevin helped me belt like Sutton Foster! Can't say enough, simply the best!" - Kaylee
"These are great lessons, Kevin. I really appreciate them. I've extended my range and power, in just a few weeks." - Vincent
"I can definitely feel the difference in my voice in just 8 lessons. I now write melodies I only dreamed of before. Wow!" - Brad