Voice Training for Modern Singers
Today's modern singers deserve more than 300 year old exercises
and a teacher who sings Jazz or Cabaret. They need fresh, new
approaches and someone who understands the demands of Rock,
Pop and Metal...that's what you get here. No bull -just results.

Rock the Stage presents the Complete Singing !

Mr. Richard's innovative vocal teaching approach focuses on three skills that all modern singers seek to achieve; the ability to seamlessly blend chest and head resonance through powerful breath support, and finally isolating all constriction or strain within the voice and create a full and powerful complete singing voice. Mastering these "blending" and breathing techniques, results in amazing range with complete vocal freedom with convincing, room vibrating power. The masterclass also includes a "spotlight" section on live performance highlighting pre-show mental prep, stage presence, mic technique, microphone stand etiquette, how to work a stage, talking to an audience and more!

Mr. Richard's "Complete Singing Masterclass" is unique in the industry because participants learn some of the most cutting-edge vocal techniques in the world in a fun, exciting presentation and because Mr. Richard’s method utilizes amplification in the training process. Companies that provide tools and technology for singers also enjoy an opportunity to participate and be part of the event.

The "Complete Singing Masterclass" is educational, innovative, rowdy, fun and completely applicable to today’s modern vocalist. For host teachers and schools, the masterclass offers a chance for your school or music educational program to work with some of the most innovative voice techniques being developed today. Host Teachers or Schools partner with Kevin Richards and share with your students an educational and exciting workshop that is unique. This masterclass provides high resolution hand outs of vocal physiology and participants will be able to volunteer to work Mr. Richards exclusive "RPM" vocal and performance techniques.

The following are benefits to the host teacher or school:

  1. Work with and build a relationship with Mr. Richards for the benefit of your studio and students.
  2. Revenue sharing of proceeds from the event.
  3. Elevate interest in your studio or school by partnering with one of the most exciting vocal workshops in the world today.
  4. Participate in training for certification in RPM pedagogy.
  5. Become a member of a growing team that work together and partner for cooperative events and future cross-promotional opportunities.

Corporate Sponsors

The "Complete Singer Masterclass" is a unique opportunity for pro audio companies to gain International exposure, capture original video media and gain highly qualified endorsements from Kevin Richards and the other members of the distinguished team of vocal educators that host the event.

Below is an overview of some common benefits enjoyed by past sponsors to the event:
  1. Mr. Richards only uses the best of class products for singers and takes them on tour during the workshop series. Additionally, partner teachers and schools involved in the CSM Workshop series represent the top voice educators in the world. While on tour, your products are introduced to voice pedagogy experts hosting the event as well as their students. This exposes your products to several international markets at once, bi-lingual endorsements are captured on camera and awareness of your products is channeled through educators that have high credibility in their local markets.
  2. The workshop often includes a separate educational "spotlight" dedicated to "tools & technology" for the modern vocalist that helps singers learn more about pro audio tools for singers and why its important. Your products are used in the demonstrations.
  3. Each event is filmed with High Definition cameras and condenser microphones. Compositions are discussed in post tour meetings, content is then edited and delivered to sponsors to provide unique rich media content of Kevin, host teachers, students and others using the sponsors products.
  4. Sponsors can provide brochures, product demonstrations, t-shirts and product giveaways at the event.
  5. Sponsors benefit from local marketing and promotion from host teachers, schools, RocktheStage.com, social media distribution through (YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Linked IN, Twitter etc.) and graphic art for posters can be prepared. Sponsors are not on their own to promote an event.