Voice Training for Modern Singers
Today's modern singers deserve more than a teacher who sings Jazz, Broadway or Cabaret. They need fresh, new approaches and someone who understands the demands of Rock, Pop and Metal...that's what you get here. No bull -just results.

Our Voice Technique

Today is the day to release restrictions and set the REAL YOU free. No more pain and strain. No more lack of confidence. No more “not sounding good enough”. No more lack of strength and power. No more restrictions. We have the privilege of coaching singers and speakers on a one-to-one basis in the New York City area and thanks to developments of technology, we also help singers and speakers all over the world via web cam.

Book a lesson is simple.

Contact me here to arrange a time & day that is mutually open for both of us. Once that is decided, I'll send you a link where can pre-pay for your lesson. It's as simple as that!


Private Voice Training with Kevin Richards

If you live close to Manhattan, NYC you can train 1-2 times per week like all of my students. You can also train once a week for 1-3 hours of you wish. If you live too far away for a weekly commute I have another training option available. Lessons for more than 60min must be specially arranged.

Option: For singers outside the immediate NYC area you can travel here to NYC (train, bus, plane) and train with me for 1-3 hours per day for each day you're here. Singers who stay 1-2 weeks achieve fantastic results.

The Lesson Plan:
The first thing we're going to be doing is working with your breathing technique. This is the #1 most under developed area of most singers. You'll learn where and how to apply strong and powerful breath support with easy to apply exercises. Then we'll do exercises for extending your range (I'll be showing you how to sing very high notes comfortably and safely), how to control the tone of your voice, how to develop and control vibrato, and singing styling. After I've got your voice in good shape through the use of exercises, I'll show you how to apply what you've learned in songs you bring to work with me.

Our first lesson will last about 50 minutes. We'll take the first 15 minutes to go over the fundamentals of how and what I teach. I'll be showing you pictures of what your vocal cords look like and explaining how they work to hit high and low notes. After the discussion will start the first part of your training which is the last half hour of your lesson. After the first lesson, all lessons are 55 minutes (standard)

I like to have the singers I work with go through my "Fundamental Series" before we start working on songs. This will give you the skills you need to be able to follow my direction in a song lesson.


Performance and Audition Coaching:
Geared for the more accomplished artist and singer to gain a deeper, more complete understanding and approach to mastering their instrument and style, and how to showcase that talent for producers, casting directors and talent contests. Performance coaching offers more specific and targeted instruction to help you achieve a more complete performance.

Public Speaking Coaching & Conditioning:
Are you a public speaker, motivational coach, convention host or anyone that must speak for hours to large groups of people? Do you often lose your voice or get hoarse after only a couple hours of speaking? We offer voice training for executives, speakers, lawyers, actors, teachers, etc.