Voice Singing Lessons
1-1 Private Lessons
Do you sing off key? Find it hard to sing high notes? Lose your voice after just 20min of singing? Then personal vocal instruction is for you right here in NYC...more
Weekend Intensives
Don't live near New York City to take lessons every week but still want the benefit of personal training? Spend a weekend here and get very unique... more
Live Coaching
Got an audition or call back? Need to improve your band's live show? Then Live Performance Coaching is what you need. Learn how to work a crowd and...more
  • Let you sing with ease and freedom
  • Never strain on high notes again
  • Expand your range a full octave!
  • Increase your power and volume
  • Eliminate the dreaded "vocal break"
  • Seamlessly bridge all your register
  • Never lose your voice again!
  • Improve the tone of your voice

If you are looking to fully develop your singing voice to it's maximum potential, nothing works better than private voice lessons. Train with Kevin Richards here in NYC. Beginners are always welcome.

I have designed a new, innovative and simple voice methodology called "RPM". This lesson program takes you step by step through a series of exercises and mind/body coordination to develop your voice in stages so that you build upon the previous stage thoroughly and completely. In addition to learning how to sing scorching high notes without straining, you'll learn how to breathe for singing, how to develop vibrato, how to sing in "the mix", how to adjust the tone of your voice, how to sing in tune and much more.

The average range increase for singers trained here vary but many singers get a full half octave in range increase in as little as 4-5 lessons. After your vocal technique is in good shape, you'll learn how to apply what you've learned to the songs you bring you want to work on. You'll learn how to apply your new voice with style and how to perform all of the vocal tricks that make for a heartfelt vocal performance. more...

"Rock, Pop, whatever - Kevin teaches it all. I'm a 14yr old Broadway hopeful and Kevin helped me belt like Sutton Foster! Can't say enough, simply the best!" - Kaylee
"These are great lessons, Kevin. I really appreciate them. I've extended my range and power, in just a few weeks." - Vincent
"The RPM method has really helped me build my voice to a place I never though possible. It was fun and challenging" - Emily
"I can definitely feel the difference in my voice in just 8 lessons. I now write melodies I only dreamed of before. Wow!" - Brad